If "life is so good", why do I feel so bad?

Life can sometimes feel so challenging giving us a sense of being overwhelmed and unable to do the simplest of things. When we experience difficulties, sometimes just being heard, understood and supported can make us feel so much better. Everyone needs someone to talk to

The Upper Room provides a safe, comfortable faith based environment with individualized treatment plans for your specific goals and needs

Sometimes we think we can "handle things" that end up "handling us." Stuffing the uncomfortable feelings and thoughts inside allows them to manifest themselves in an unhealthy manner in our lives. sorting them out, walking through them and putting them in a well balanced perspective begins the journey towards solace and well being.

Relying on friends, family and loved ones as your sole means of support can be asking too much. We don't want to burden them or be an imposition. Above all, we may prefer to remain private with our struggles or challenges. 

My highly confidential counseling can provide just the insight or self- awareness that can make a huge difference in your life sometimes with even the smallest of personal growth. 

Types of Counseling Provided

Addiction/Substance Abuse - Post residential rehab  aftercare

Adoption and Fertility Issues
Anger Management
Depression and Mood 
Marriage Matters and Divorce Prevention
Grief and Loss
Parenting/Step-Parenting/Blended Families
Psychometric Testing and Assessment - attention, scholastic, well-being

12 Step Recovery Options

Spiritual, Religious, Faith Issues